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Vol Spring/Summer 2014 27.3

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OIIM Registration Booklet 2012

The OIIM Registration Board was instituted by OIIM's Board of Directors in 2007 to assist in giving credibility to the professions that fall into the Interfaith Ministry Professions and the Spiritual Arts Practices. Graduates of the iNtuitive Times Institute (NTI), OIIM's seminary program, are automatically accepted as registrants. Others can apply to the for OIIM Registration Board for equivalency evaluation.

The Board has produced a brief and simple publication, the OIIM Registration Booklet, which lists each of these Interfaith Ministry Professions and Spiritual Arts Practices, their scope of practice, training and recommended fair fees, and a list of OIIM Registrants. In today's world with the 'faddism' of 'holistic health' and 'New Age' services and a plethora of certificate programs, it is difficult the discerning public to determine who has extensive and grounded training and experience and who does not. Our goal is to simplify that by offering a professional home for credible Interfaith Ministry Professions


OIIM Catalogue of Workshops and Courses

for Personal Development 2011